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Spider Fun Facts

Spiders have 8 legs which makes them a part of the arachnid family as opposed to the insect family.  Other arachnids are ticks, harvestmen, mites and scorpions, all which have no antennas nor wings. There are hundreds of thousands of types of spiders in the world right now.  Spiders have multiple eyes, they do not have ears they just feel the sound vibrations through the small hairs on their legs.  Spiders’ bodies consist of 2 parts the abdomen and the head.  The abdomen is typically plump.  The blood of a spider is light blue and fills up all of the empty space in a spider’s body which helps keep the legs stiff enough for spiders to walk.  Baby spiders are known as Spiderlings and these Spiderlings go through a molting phase as they grow up.  Molting is when the Spiderlings shed their skin and grow new skin.  They molt multiple times before they reach adulthood.  Your typical spider lives up to about a year whereas others live up to 3 or 4.  Tarantulas are known to live much longer than other spiders. 

Being that there are thousands of varying spider species they all come in different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, have different lifestyles and behaviors.  Some live in gardens, houses, close the ground, in dark areas, in well-lit areas, in water, in wet places, dry places, in cold climates, in hot climates and other varying climates.  Many male spiders are designed with colors meant to attract a female mate whereas others attract their mates through elaborate dancing like the black widow.  Unfortunately for the black widow, the female spider more than likely consumes the male as a meal after mating.

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