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Roach Proof Your Home

       You invest so much into your home and its maintenance, why let something unsightly like roaches ruin it?  The summertime is the perfect opportunities for roaches and other fellow critters to invade your personal space most likely causing hysteria. If you find a roach in your apartment, home or business then you need to roll up those sleeves and clean up.  Roach infestation does not happen in a day, it takes time of accumulated food around the house and other culprits.

Here are some steps to being cockroach free:

  • Clean your kitchen and bathroom.  These two rooms are the most common places that roaches thrive in.  Do not leave garbage out for too long, make sure it is taken out regularly.  Keep the bins elevated if possible and make sure your garbage cans have a tight lid on them.
  • Leaving food around your house is a big no-no.  When you are done with your food and you have leftovers, put them in air tight containers that will eliminate the food scent.  This includes the food of any domestic animals like cat or dog food.
  • Fix pipe leaks.  Any leaky pipe or water source will attract not just roaches but other grotesque insects and rodents.  Inspect all pipes in and around your house and make sure they will not attract any outside pests.
  • Call a professional local exterminator to get rid of cockroaches!  Roach removal is meant for a licensed professional with years of experience and top of the line cockroach eliminating equipment.  The types of sprays and/or fumigation used by professional pest control specialists are not meant to be in the hands of a novice.  This requires great skill and most importantly safety! There’s a reason why people get paid for it.

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